Shoe Illustration Acrylic Inks[su_dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]M[/su_dropcap]y beloved Nike Shoes.  They witnessed many beach weddings and incurred a lot of mileage.  They were incredibly comfortable (light, airy and barely noticeable) and I wore them to almost every wedding I was shooting during that era until they could no longer be worn.

This shoe illustration was created with Daler Rowney’s FW Acrylic Inks.  I took the photograph (shown below) of my shoe several years before I even contemplated creating a painting (10 years to be exact).  In terms of simplicity, it was a great image to work from to get back into drawing and painting.  In case you are wondering what the background of the image is, I have a set of stairs in my home that are fuchsia pink.  Pink is a joyous colour!

Oh how I miss these shoes.  If I remember correctly, I ordered them out of the Sears catalogue.

Nike Shoe Photography

Shoe Illustration  Shoe Illustration Shoe Illustration